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Taking the next step in the fostering process can be confusing and time-wasting, due to the choice of agencies out there. There is little information about the differences between agencies, and what they have to offer potential foster carers.

Simply Fostering – Be a foster carer

We are not a fostering agency, we are an independent company providing free information and a fostering agency matching service for people interested in becoming foster carers, and who want to find the best fostering agencies to choose from.

Fostering Agency Database – England

Our Independent Fostering Agency Database holds a list of member agencies in England, who we recommend based on their reputation, quality of service and the type of support and allowances on offer.

Fostering children – Foster care experts

Together, our team has over eighty years experience of working with foster carers, foster children, and fostering agencies in the UK, and has helped many hundreds of people to become happy and successful foster carers.

Become a foster carer – Free agency matching service

To be a foster carer you will need to have:

  • The time and energy to invest in a child or young person
  • A bedroom for the exclusive use of the foster child
  • Couples will need to arrange their working hours so that one carer can be available full time
  • Single carers will need to be at home full-time or have flexible employment
  • A full UK driving licence or have excellent transport links

To use our free, fostering agency matching service, please complete our eligibility quiz and we will arrange for the most suitable agencies in England with vacancies, to contact you, improving your chance of being accepted for assessment and starting on the journey to becoming a successful foster carer.

Fostering Summary

Total Children in Care, England 2020
Foster Care Placements, England 2020

The following statistics are from the total number of children in care in England, and not exclusively those in Foster Care.

Children with disability : 2180
Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers : 5000

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what Could You Earn?

Being a foster carer is not only an ethical career, it's also financially rewarding. Our calculators estimate what you could be earning.

Free Matching Service?

If you meet the UK criteria to foster. we will match you with a local Fostering Agency and ask them to call you.

UK Wide Fostering Network

Try these: South WestDevonExeter

If you live in the UK… We’ve got you covered.
We cover the length and breadth of the UK with our unique Agency Network. Finding an Agency near you and supporting your move into foster caring.


Did you Know - England?

England is 74 times smaller than the United  States, the English drink more tea per person than in any other country and London’s population of about  12 million, makes it the largest city in all of Europe.

England had the oldest zoo in the world in 1828, beer or ale was drunk at breakfast in medieval times, and shoelaces were invented in England in 1790.

The last prisoners to be held in the “Tower of London” were the Kray Brothers in 1952, the highest pub in England is the Tan Hill Inn, on the Yorkshire Moors and the landlord of The Ostrich in Colnbrook is said to have murdered 60 people in the pub in the 17th century, is it Britain’s most haunted pub?

More tea is consumed per capita in England than anywhere else in the world. That’s more than in Japan, America or France.

The official language of England from 1066 to 1362 was French.

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