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Fostering Blog | Parental Failings

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After the drama of the week we had a few days of peace. There were still number withheld calls coming through to James’ (name changed) phone so we altered his settings so that number withheld calls were blocked. I can imagine that this caused Mum to curse me a little more.

On Friday evening I got a call from Paige’s Dad. He was a little concerned about the situation regarding James’ Mum and, obviously, didn’t want Paige being caught up in any unpleasantness. I reassured him that everything was in hand and that there was no need to be concerned.

James had already said that Paige was concerned how her Dad would react to the situation so I had been expecting the call. I took James over to Paige’s house on Saturday so he could have some time with her and her family, just to remind them about what a nice lad he was.

I had an online training course to do so, having the house to myself, I sat and did it. I went over to pick James up, later that evening, and we came home and watched football. The evening had gone well and James was in a good frame of mind.

On Sunday I ordered McDonalds breakfast and we had that before settling down for more football. We had quite a long chat about Mum. James recalled that she once held down a normal job and was a ‘normal’ Mum. Mum worked as an Accountant. She had qualified and had a good job with a Construction company.

They had a ‘proper’ life and had holidays abroad and a full cupboard of food. Mum had met this guy who had asked to go out with her and they started a relationship. James could remember the man smoking funny smelling roll ups and that he remembered seeing Mum smoking one. After that things started going downhill pretty quickly.

Mum lost her job due to poor attendance and money suddenly became an issue. The man started spending more time at the house and became quite abusive towards James, slapping him on a number of occasions. When he told Mum she didn’t believe him. Then one day the Police arrived at the house.

The man had been caught shoplifting, with Mum, and he was taken off to the station. A few days later a Social Worker had called at the house to talk about James and why he wasn’t attending school. A few days later James got home from school to find Mum battered and bruised.

The man had given Mum some drugs and she couldn’t pay for them so he had beaten her. James wanted to call the Police but Mum refused. Mum’s life now revolved around drugs and getting money for drugs. There was little or no time for James or the simple things like food and clothes washing.

I felt so sorry for him having to witness all that he had and it amazed me that he had turned out as he had so far. He went off to bed at 10 and I sorted out everything for the week. I hoped that we could have a nice quiet peaceful week, we needed it.

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