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Helen’s Fostering Journey


Helen’s Fostering Blogs Possessions Both Harry and Beth are very protective about all of their possessions and this has not altered at all in the 16 months they have been living with us. When Beth and Harry first came to

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Fostering Respite Blog

The Importance of Respite. The need to be you, every now and then. When you are caring for children who have experienced trauma in their lives, at times it can be very demanding and draining. There will be many times

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Life Story Blog

Helen’s Fostering Blog When a child re-write’s their life story. Most children have vivid imaginations, and this is all part of growing up, but for many of us overall our childhood memories are happy and there is no need to

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Friendships Blog

Helen’s Fostering Blog Friendships I have some real concerns about Beth and her friendship group.  When I first met Beth she had a best friend whom she’d known for about a year and considering she had only just started at

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Foster Care | Caronavirus

Helen’s Fostering Blog Helping Children Understand the Coronavirus I think it is fair to say that the Coronavirus has taken us all completely by surprise. We are in unchartered waters which as adults is hard enough to understand and digest

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Coronavirus | Home Schooling

Helen’s Fostering Blog Adjusting to home schooling and being at home. As a family we are now on day 10 of self-isolating due to the Coronavirus.  We continue to keep our days well structured and busy.  We are enjoying the

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Life Skills Blog

Helen’s Fostering Blog Life Skills Looking after yourself helps develop essential life skills. These skills need to be taught at home through experiences and examples set by those around them.   Learning kindness, patience, positivity, belie in oneself and others, understanding,

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Benefits of Fostering Blog

Helen’s Fostering Blog Fostering – The effect it had on us. Beth and Harry have been living with us for other 18 months now and whilst we often reflect on how  far the children have come on, we also have

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Helen’s Fostering Blog When professional help is needed. Right from the beginning of our placement it was a known fact that Beth would need counselling for the trauma she was suffering, what I wasn’t aware of was just how difficult

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Mobiles | Blog

Helen’ Fostering Blog Mobile Phones Mobile phones are a very sore subject in our house and a constant bone of contention for Harry. Poor Harry desperately wants a mobile phone and he is not allowed one until he is 12

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