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Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are a very sore subject in our house and a constant bone of contention for Harry. Poor Harry desperately wants a mobile phone and he is not allowed one until he is 12 years old.  Obviously, this is one of the many decisions we are unable to make on the children’s behalf.

Harry is only 9 at the moment and 3 years can feel like an awfully long time for a young person.  Understandably he also doesn’t understand why all of his friends that are the same age as him are allowed phones and he is not.

From very early on when they moved in with us the subject of having a mobile phone came up.  I was unsure what the general consensus was on the children having a mobile phone, So I asked the children’s Social Worker.

I have to admit initially I was shocked that the age was put at 12 as it seems many children these days have them as young as 8.  Don’t get me wrong I can’t honestly say I was disappointed, the last thing I needed to be concerned about on top of everything else was them both having a phone, lets face it they are constantly losing and breaking things at this stage, Harry even managed to lose a pair of school shoes recently.

I have had endless conversations with Harry about why he is not able to have a mobile phone yet, I pointed out that he has an iPad and a PlayStation, and that he doesn’t actually need a phone yet.  All of these conversations end in tears with him saying its not fair! its just because I am fostered that I can’t have a phone.  I do feel for him, its hard enough as he is already feeling different from his friends and let’s face it at 9 all we really want is to fit in.

When I meet him at the school gates at the end of the day all of his friends are on their phones, swapping numbers, text messages and watching YouTube videos, my heart sinks every time when I see his little face, involved but on the outer edge.

From my point of view I get it, mobile phones are nothing but trouble, we are always getting emails from the school stating that there has been an issue during the week due to Whatsapp or Tick Tok, but the pressures to fit in are just as difficult. 

I’ve no doubt when he finally gets a phone on his 12th birthday there will be bigger issues for us to have to worry about, but one things for certain he will be one very happy boy that day, lets just hope he don’t lose it!

Helen – A Blogging Foster Carer.

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