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Second Day Fostering

Second Day Fostering

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Our second day together

Our second day together was much calmer, the children happily played with Lego and we took them out to explore the local area.

I wanted to familiarise them with our area as soon as possible to assist with their sense of belonging.  It must have felt very strange at first, but they soon got to grips with what was around us.

Later that Sunday evening I decided we had to approach the subject that no child likes…. bath time! Neither wanted to have a bath and I have to say this has not changed.  I was told all sorts of excuses such as, “oh I only have to have a bath once a week” and “I had one just a few days ago”, “when I have a bath, I don’t need to wash my hair”.

It’s tricky to have to approach these topics at the beginning because you really don’t want to upset them but let’s face it, we all have to be hygienic.

When Beth got into the bath, she informed me she was unable to wash her hair by herself.  She was 9 at the time and obviously there was no way of me knowing if this was correct or not.  So, armed with my safer caring hat on I helped her wash her hair.  I recall her saying why don’t you close the bathroom door, I will get cold, gosh that was an awkward conversation, but we got around it.

Beth continued to want my help with washing her hair for many months, personally I felt she needed that nurturing that she had been missing out on.  I didn’t mind doing this as I believed this would help her understand and learn how important it is for us to mother children.

If I thought bath times were difficult it was nothing in comparison to bedtimes.  I have to say with Harry he pretty much got into bed and went to sleep, Beth was another matter altogether.  I tried to get both of the children in bed by a reasonable time on that Sunday evening as they had school the following day.

I recall it got to about 10.30pm and Beth was still wide awake, I had gone upstairs to go to bed myself.  I had tried to sooth her before I went to go to bed, when I heard a gentle knock on my bedroom door.

It was Beth, she explained to me that she felt a bit sick, I went back into her bedroom with her and told her I would get a bucket in-case she was sick, before I could turn around, she had already started being sick.  I have to admit I didn’t eat Lasagne again for a very long time ?.

I sat with Beth and cleaned her and her room up, god love her she looked complete exhausted and very lost which was totally understandable.

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