Agencies in Croydon

Using our knowledge of the fostering agencies in Croydon, a social worker will:

  • Carefully check your enquiry form;
  • Identify the fostering agencies on our Database, that are recruiting foster carers in Croydon;
  • Match your details with the agencies with vacancies, then forward your details to those fostering agencies;
  • Request that the most suitable fostering agencies contact you within three working days.

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Realise your potential and make a difference

To be a Croydon foster carer you will need to have:

• The time and energy to invest in a child or young person
• A bedroom for the exclusive use of the foster child
• Couples will need to arrange their working hours so that one carer can be available full time
• Single carers will need to be at home full-time or have flexible employment
• A full UK driving licence or have excellent transport links

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Did you know?

The name Croydon is derived from the Anglo Saxon ‘croh’, meaning “crocus”, and denu, “valley”, indicating the cultivation of saffron, the Borough had the first Sainsbury’s self-service shop in the country and Croydon London’s main airport until the Second World War was located in the Borough.

Croydon has become the third main central business district in London and the second largest place to shop in the south east. The borough was a home to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and D.H. Lawrence.

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