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Just like people, Fostering Agencies are not all the same. They have different support, allowances, quality of training, and access to respite care and support groups.

Not all agencies foster babies, some prefer to look after teenagers, some agencies expect you to be at home full time, others are happy if you have another job.

When thinking about applying, everyone should begin to consider the categories of placements that would fit with you and your family, and the types of placements you might want to look after such as babies, children, teenagers, mother and baby, asylum seekers, special needs children, or a mix of different types.

Applicants can be approved for one or all of the categories which include respite, short term or long term placements, depending on your decision and suitability. Usually the broader your approval means more choice because of the higher number of placements being offered by the agency.

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Did you know?

About Oxford, Oxfordshire
The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford was the first museum in the world to open its doors to the public when it officially opened in 1683.

Oxford was once the capital of England during the English Civil War when Charles I held his court here from 1642 and one reason why Oxford wasn’t bombed in the Second World War was that Hitler was intending to use it as his capital.

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