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Football Deals Fostering Blog

Have you ever made a deal with somebody and regretted it? I made such a deal with James (name changed) regarding scoring goals and its costing me a fortune. The deal was £5 per goal and £20 if he scored a hat trick.

So this week he scores 4 which costs me £25! The opposition came with the reputation of being one of the best teams in the area and James’ team hammered them 6-1. So when I picked James up he asked if we could go to the garden centre for food and for him to look in the aquarium shop. We had a large but very tasty fry up and then we went to look at some very colourful fish.

James picked out a couple that he wanted and we took them home. It’s nice to see how carefully he introduces the new fish into the tank and how well he has kept the tank clean and well-tended. He announced that the tank had reached its limits and no more fish would be going in unless some of the existing fish went belly up.

So the rest of Saturday was spent watching football and relaxing. Paige had gone to the Midlands for a family wedding so it was just the two of us. Saturday night was takeaway and a film so we watched one of the Star Wars films (no idea what one) and enjoyed an Indian.

Fostering Blog

James had been loathed to try different food when he first came to me but I had gently coerced him into trying different things and now he really enjoyed most food and was always keen to try food he hadn’t tried before.

So Sunday was a lazy one too, we both had a lie in and I got up and made myself a coffee and woke up slowly. James got up about midday and looked like a scarecrow when he came into the kitchen. So we both decided it was haircut day. We drove about 3 miles to a decent barber for a trim.

We laughed at the fact that I had to have nose and ear hair removed while I laughed at him having his eyebrows trimmed. So we both made our way home looking gorgeous and spend the afternoon watching football. James made dinner, which was a treat, which consisted of sausages, mash, peas and onion gravy, which I have to say, was delicious.

In between matches on the TV we had a chat about Christmas and what we wanted to do. I asked if he wanted to see Mum and he said maybe so I said that I would sound out his social worker and see what could be organised.

He said that other than that he wanted to slob out and eat too much, which I totally agreed with. I needed to talk to my sons and see what their plans were and then we could properly arrange what we going to do.

So I spoke to the social worker on Monday and she told me that Mum had asked if James could go home for the whole of the Christmas holidays. The social worker asked me what I thought and I replied that I would talk to James but I expected the answer to be no.

Sure enough, that’s exactly what James said. He would like to see Mum for a couple of hours but nothing more than that.

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