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Football Skills | Fostering Blog

Fosterman’s Blogging Diary

A very enjoyable weekend was had by us all. As James (name changed) wasn’t playing a match on Saturday we were able to enjoy a lay in as we would be getting up early on Sunday. I was up about 0930am and made myself a cuppa and sat reading emails and the news. James came in about 1030 and he was very bleary eyed. He was meeting Paige later on and asked if I could give him a lift to hers, which I agreed to as I needed to pick up some stuff myself. James had a bath and we headed off about 1pm.

After dropping James I went off to the supermarket and did a ‘big’ shop. I loaded the car and returned home to unload and put away. I sat and relaxed then put some washing on. James had got all of his stuff ready for Sunday morning and was very well organised. James came home about 8pm and had already eaten at Paige’s. We sat and watched some sport on TV, just for a change<and James went off to bed at about 11 as we were due up at 0730 the following morning. I went off at about midnight.

We left early the following morning and headed off towards South London. The traffic was very light and we arrived about 45 minutes early. We reported to the Security Office and both got a pass. The other lad, from the club, arrived shortly afterwards and we stood and had a chat. The boys went off to find their coach and the other boys started arriving. When we arrived I noticed 2 very posh and expensive cars sat in the car park. Apparently there were two first team players who were in for treatment.

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The car park was soon full and the parents went off to the cafeteria to enjoy a coffee and a bacon roll. The boys were out on a pitch far away from the clubhouse so we couldn’t really see what they were doing. The boys were out for just over 2 hours and we saw them walking back towards the changing rooms. After about an hour there was still no sign of them but the coach came in to tell us that the boys were having a Q&A with the first team players. Eventually the boys came out and James looked very happy and smiley. I spoke to the guy I had spoken to on the phone and he asked if he could pop over for a chat sometime the following week to talk about the future.

We agreed a time and day and we went on our way, stopping only to say goodbye to the other lad from James club. James didn’t stop all the way home. He told me about the training and what they did. He then said about what the coaches had told him and then the conversation which the first team players. He said they were really friendly and on asked him what his age was as he was such a big ‘unit’ according to the player. He was so excited and he then called Paige to tell her everything that he had told me.

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