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James (name changed) had training on Tuesday evening and the coaches decided to have the session in a local park as the first team were using the main ground. It was nice to have a change of scenery with the only negative being the lack of tea! The park was well lit and was quite busy with dog walkers and kids with parents. I stood talking to a couple of dads that were there and they all commented on how well he looked and how he was getting larger and taller. The kids practised for about 45 minutes and then called it a day. There’s a game on Saturday and the coach said that he would text the details through by Thursday.

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We drove home and James was full of it. He’d enjoyed training and was feeling fit again after illness and injury. We got in and I made James some dinner as he didn’t like to eat before training. He wolfed down his omelette and chips and we sat and watched the football on the TV. James asked about the war in the Ukraine and whether we were going to be involved, I replied that it was unlikely. He asked what it was like living in a war.

I told him I didn’t know as the wars that I had experienced in my lifetime were all abroad and not in the UK. He asked if I hadn’t lived during the Blitz and I was just about to give him a history lesson when he started laughing. James showered and went to bed and I wrote up my diary and answered a couple of emails.

The rest of the week was pretty quiet. James was going off to school and I was being the domestic god, keeping the place tidy and clean. I had one conversation with James’ Social Worker regarding holidays and one conversation with my Link Worker regarding a new training course that I had put my name down for some months ago. I have to say that I prefer the online courses rather than the ‘in person’ courses.

There are too many distractions on the latter and someone always turns up late. Then there is the hassle of travelling there and, obviously. I can’t leave home until James leaves for school. Living in Greater London means that every journey, between 7 and 10 is a long one. I remember a Trainer saying to me that it should be easy getting to Croydon as it is only 10 miles away. That journey took me 2 hours! It’s been the same, in the past, taking children to contact.

Can you be there for 9am as that suits Mum or Dad. Yeah but I’d have to get children up, fed and dressed and then a rush hour drive to a contact centre, which generally seem to be in an area that’s hard to get to. So no make it 10 or 11 as Mum only has to sort herself out. I’m a flexible person but sometimes you have to put your foot down and say sorry, no, that doesn’t work for me. You’re not being difficult, just practical.

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