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So I’m alone! James (name changed) has left me for a few days to go off with Paige and her family for a few days leaving me with an empty house and no idea what I was going to do with my free time.

I went to a friend’s house to watch the Champions League final and enjoyed a few beers. On Sunday I went to my local café for a nice cooked breakfast and read the papers while enjoying a coffee. I popped around to see my son and his wife and sat in the garden for the afternoon.

James rang me to see if I was ok! I asked if he was having a great time and he was. The weather was nice and there was a swimming pool there. I told him to make sure that he put sun cream on so he didn’t get burnt.

He seemed to be having a lovely time and I reminded him to say his please and thank yous. They had been having barbeques and he met some of Paige’s family and seemed very happy with things. They were going to the beach the following day and I have to admit I was quite jealous.

I did some house work, changed all the bedding, cleaned the fish tank, mowed the lawn and did some small jobs that needed doing. It was nice only having to worry about myself and not having to entertain James, but it was very quiet.

So with all the jobs done I sat and thought what next? I decided to load the car and go and have an afternoon’s fishing at our local lakes. It was beautiful, warm and sunny but with a nice cooling breeze. I sat there for about 4 hours with my peace only disturbed by catching a couple of Tench which were quickly returned.

I packed up, eventually, and went home. All my gear went back in the garage and I went and showered.

On the Monday Bank Holiday I sat and relaxed, went for a walk and then decided to go for a drive. I ended up in Rochester and had a walk around the town and the Castle.

Fostering Blog.

I found a nice pub with a carvery and sat and ate my body weight in Lamb. It was lovely to sit outside, eat, enjoy a cold shandy and watch the world go by. I then had a slow drive back and got home late afternoon. I eventually found a film to watch and settled down for a couple of hours.

When the film finished I checked emails and filled in a couple of forms that I needed to complete for my car insurance.

Obviously car insurance is very important given that I run kids around in my car so I have to make sure that everything is properly covered.

After doing all of that I updated my diary, checked everything was locked up, had a bath and went to bed. I slept like a log, not waking up until nine and had an initial panic until I remembered that James wasn’t here and there was no school anyway!

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