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Fostering Blog | Favourable Weather

Fostering Blog – Weather.

So normality has returned to the household. James (name changed) is back to his happy normal self and I spend the days pottering and trying to get motivated to do some more exercise.

I had a two hour online fostering training session to do which was fun and informative. I was also asked to have a chat with a single man who was keen to come into fostering. He seemed a nice guy with his own children. He was divorced and had been made redundant from work during the early days of COVID but didn’t want to return to an office type of job.

We had a really long chat and he seemed convinced that fostering was something that he wanted to do. I suggested that he kept in touch and that he could call at any time. James had no game or training this week and it looked like that could be then end of his season.

His team offered training during the summer and James had made it clear that he wanted to attend. The venue was a ten minute walk away so I told him that he could go whenever he wanted.

We had Paige round for dinner one evening. I said that it was a choice between my cooking and a Pizza and, surprisingly enough, they decided on the Pizza.

I got the food ordered and we sat and watched a film. It was a nice evening and I noticed how they looked really good as a couple. They were very comfortable around each other. I dropped Paige home at about 10.

James told me that Paige’s parents had a park home on the Kent coast and had asked if he wanted to join them. He said that Paige’s dad was going to call to ask if that was ok. I sent a quick email to his Social Worker to get the ok and I received, the following morning, an email in return saying that it was fine.

That evening Paige’s dad called and asked if it was ok for James to join them. I said it was fine and he updated me on the arrangements. They would be leaving on Saturday and would return on the following Thursday or Friday.

Fostering Blog.

When James got home from school we chatted about it and I told him the gist of the conversation with Paige’s dad.

We checked the weather forecast and it looked like the week’s weather was favourable. We started to get some clothes packed in his bag even though it was a couple of days before he left.

Given the weather forecast we went for shorts and tee shirts with a couple of sweatshirts and a pair of jeans. We packed some pyjamas, which he didn’t really wear at home, and loads of underwear.

With James being away for most of half term it left me wondering what I was going to do. I had some work to do around the house but I also thought that I would catch up with friends and family.

It would be nice to have a bit of a break but it would be strange having the house to myself. I was secretly looking forward to it but wouldn’t tell James that.

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