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When James (name changed) went off to school on Wednesday I decided to make a few changes in the house. I decided on a new suite for the front room, a new bathroom and maybe a garden room. Luckily I know quite a few builders so I can call ‘mates rates’. So I headed off to look for settees.

I’ve learnt over time that if they tell you a suite will be delivered in 12 weeks it will be 16. Anyway this particular store (where they always have a sale) had some stock available immediately. I looked at a few but there was this leather suite which had reclining seats and matching reclining armchairs which caught my eye.

Anyway after cutting a deal I bought the settee, which was a 4 seater, and 2 armchairs. Delivery was organised for the end of the week. I won’t tell James and will keep it as a surprise. I spent ‘slightly’ more than my budget so replacing the bathroom might go on hold. 

James got home normal time and sat and did a bit of homework and studying whilst I cooked some dinner. He’d had a good day, which was always nice to hear, and he told me about a couple of the new teachers he had. One was a games teacher, a young guy, who played non league football.

James had explained to him about being unavailable for school matches due to his club commitments and the teacher took an interest in what he was doing and where he was playing, so they hit it off quite quickly. He also had a new Maths teacher who seemed a bit quirky but James said that she was really good at making the pupils understand things and that’s an important part of the job.

All in all he was happy at school, sure he moaned and groaned about getting up early but I had drummed into him the importance of school and it had stuck with him. He certainly wasn’t the brightest kid in the school but he worked hard to understand everything and always was up to date with any work he had to complete at home. 

Fostering Blogging.

We sat and watched football that evening and he was saying what player he wanted to play like. He had learnt a lot about tactics from his coaches at his club and was explaining why some players were doing what they did with some help from the pause button. What was a 90 minute game turned into about 120 with James’ tactical class.

It was nice to see that he understood what he had been told and that he could explain it so well. Anyway it was a school night so he was off to bed at 10 while I cleared up and answered some emails. I had managed not give the game away about the new furniture. 

He was up and out the following morning and I made some calls about getting the garden room. I don’t really need an office but maybe a gym, or even a bar/games room. I would have to give some time to thinking about the use and I also looked into whether I needed planning permission.

Sounds like a real can of worms.

Fosterman – A Blogging Foster Carer.

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