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Fostering Confidence Blog

Another busy weekend with James (name changed). On Friday night we just chilled knowing that we had a busy weekend ahead. We watched a film and got a takeaway. We actually sat and went through our weekend plans to make sure we had the same timings.

James had a match on Saturday morning and, was then, seeing Paige in the afternoon and evening. I was playing golf Saturday afternoon. I would then pick him up or Paige’ dad would drop him off. It was a nice evening, sitting there chatting and relaxing.

He is so self-confident now but not flash or arrogant. He is completely unrecognisable from the young, pale, skinny lad who turned up over a year ago.

Kick off was 1030 so we were up at 0830. James had already packed his bag so he had a light breakfast and a shower. We left at 0930 and got to the ground in plenty of time. It was good to stay and watch and I also took some pictures. James played well, really well. He seemed to be stronger than a lot of his team mates and the opposition.

He had pace and seemed to be in control of himself. He opened the scoring after about 20 minutes and then the opposition has a good patch up until half time, but couldn’t score. So things were a bit tight. I grabbed a bacon roll and tea during the break and settled down back in my seat. The second half was all one way, James seemed to be running the match and the coaches were shouting encouragement.

He scored a second and then set up a third. There were then a raft of substitutions, including James, and the final score was 3-0. James went off to get changed and I grabbed another bacon roll. He came out about 45 minutes later beaming from ear to ear with a little trophy it was for man of the match.

Foster Care Blog

We got home shortly after and James had some food and got himself ready to go and see Paige. I dropped him off and then went to the golf course and enjoyed walking round for 4 hours looking for my golf ball. I got home about 6 and Paige’s dad called to ask if James could stay for the night, which I agreed to.

Sunday I collected James and we went for our usual breakfast at the garden centre. James was really happy and full of cheer. We went home after and watched the motor racing and the football afterwards. I cooked a roast for us both and we sat up to the table and just chatted. We then watched some more football and James got his school stuff ready. 

On Monday, after James had left, I had a conversation with his social worker. Mum had gone on the missing list again and was ignoring messages. We agreed not to say anything to James as it may unsettle him again. I passed the info on to my link worker and noted the conversations in my diary.

I spent the rest of the day doing household chores and paying a couple of bills. James got home at 1630 and we had dinner and watched football, just for a change.

Fosterman’s Foster Care Blog Diary.

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