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Fostering Loss and Gain

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Back to some kind of normality with the big lad home. I was up at 8, coffee made, toast and marmalade going down nicely. James (name changed) didn’t surface until gone 11. I guessed that he would want a lazy day and I guessed correctly.

He sorted his washing out and put the first load on as he was making his breakfast. I was sat in the garden and he came out and joined me. He told me all about his holiday, the things they did and the places they visited. He looked fit and healthy and had obviously enjoyed sitting in the sun.

After we finished, tea, coffee, toast and cereal I Had some admin to do for the car and James decided to clean out the fish tank. He had suffered a couple of losses so we decided, after we had completed our chores, to head off to the garden centre where we would have some late lunch and James could restock his tank.

We left home about 2pm and, thankfully, the garden centre was very quiet. We went to the café and enjoyed some food and then we walked around ending up in the aquarium shop. James went off to talk to his mate, behind the counter, while I had a wander and bought a new bird feeder and some food to put in it.

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James reappeared about half an hour later with his bag of fish and we headed home. When we arrived back James went through his normal process of putting the new fish in the water while I put the new feeder out and filled it as well as refilling the existing feeders. I also filled the bird bath, wish was proving very popular. I watered some of the plants and then sat down and admired my hard work. James came out and joined me and we sat and chatted for an hour or so until James decided to go off for a nap. 

Our evening was spent watching TV and James dealing with his holiday washing. He had hung the first load out to dry and had put the next load on. He had a nice long chat with Paige and then sat with me to watch some football I had managed to find.

James had decided to go to the gym the next day and asked if I wanted to go with him. So we decided to get up at 9 and try to get to the gym at 11 that was the plan anyway. James went off to bed about 11 and I locked and tidied up. James then appeared with a bag and said that he had forgotten to give me something.

So I opened it and it was a tee-shirt and a bucket hat from the resort he had stayed at. I thanked him and he disappeared back off to bed again. For some reason I struggled to get off to sleep and tossed and turned until about 2am. No idea why.

So when the alarm went off I was a bit delirious whereas James had slept well and was full of energy. The idea of the gym was rather daunting!

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