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Exhausted Blog

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My temporary placement, Shaun (name changed) has settled in well. He slept great on his first night. He woke up a bit disorientated but I was already up and waiting for him. He had some cereal and a cuppa and was quite excited for the day ahead as I had promised him a day of fun and excitement. So we packed a bag with some supplies and went out for a drive.

We ended up in Margate and parked up. We had a walk around, found a loo, played on the amusements, ate chips and ice cream and then sat on the beach and had a paddle. He told me about his life and how he was worried about Mum. He seemed to have a loving, caring home life and a great relationship with Mum, his family and he also enjoyed school.

Nothing he said caused any concerns but he was with me for respite, not for safe guarding, so I knew I could relax a bit regarding what he was saying. I then got a WhatsApp message from James (name changed) asking how Shaun was getting on and for me to say hi from James to Shaun.

We set off for home about 5 and Shaun fell asleep in the car. Funny how he woke up immediately when I stopped at McDonalds! After we had eaten we finished the journey home and Shaun went off to bed about an hour later as I had exhausted him. The next day was his final full day with me so I wanted to something else fun with him.

I wrote up my diary and sent an email to his Social Worker to give an update on how things were going. Shaun was up early the following day. We had breakfast and got a bag packed for our outing. I decided to take him up to London. He was very excited about this plan, although he had been up there with Mum a couple of years ago.

We got off at Charing Cross and we walked through Trafalgar Square and then down The Mall. Shaun loved seeing all the sights. We then jumped on the tube and went to Regents Park and the Zoo. I have never seen such an excited boy. I think we saw everything that they had to offer from the biggest to the smallest.

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We ended up in the shop where I bought him a tee shirt and a book. We headed home after another exciting day. I cooked some gourmet fish fingers, chips and beans and he was in bed by 9. Again I wrote up my diary and then I packed his bag for the following day as the Social Worker was going to be with us between 9&10. 

We were both up about 7. Shaun was excited because he was going home and seeing his Mum. The Social Worker arrived about quarter to ten with Mum. Shaun was delighted to see her and then told Mum what we had done.

She thanked me for everything I’d done as did the Social Worker. Then just as they were leaving Shaun gave me a massive hug and said thank you too.

So that’s was it! An empty house until the big lad arrived home and a chance to put my feet up.

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