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The weekend turned out to be a bit of a washout. Football was canceled, the weather was rubbish, and James (name changed) and I have man-flu. When I say man-flu I mean the real confined-to-bed man-flu that needs plenty of food and lots of tea to help recovery.

James first had it on Friday morning, waking up and sneezing everywhere and then, kindly, sharing it with me. I could feel it coming on Friday afternoon and it slowly got worse. The first concern was is it Covid? We both took a test and both were negative.

Paige texted and asked if we wanted her to come over and help but I said that I didn’t want her getting it as well. So we sat at home for the weekend feeling sorry for ourselves. It was literally bed, staying warm, and eating. Well, they say feed a cold, starve a fever so James and I made sure our colds were fed.

Saturday was pajamas and football, accompanied by McDonald’s breakfast and bacon sandwiches for lunch. It’s a good job that we share the same interests as we could keep ourselves entertained for the whole weekend. We both felt worse on Sunday with the full set of cough, snotty cold, and sore throat. Neither of us got up much before lunchtime and we had some lunch and hot drinks as well as hot lemon and paracetamol.

We both then showered and got dressed. We sat and watched the afternoon’s football and both started feeling a little better. The weather outside was awful so it was nice sitting indoors and staying warm. I told James that it would be best if he didn’t go to school the following day and, surprise to say, he didn’t argue.

So Monday we both stayed at home in the warm and just relaxed. I had emailed the school and updated them as well as notifying both the Social Worker and my Linkworker. Unfortunately, there was no football on the telly so we found a film and watched that as well as binge-watching a detective series on Netflix.

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I could see that James was struggling a bit so he went off for a nap and, I must admit, I had a nap too. I woke up after about an hour and felt a lot better. I went and put some dinner on and let James sleep. James got up about 7 pm and he sat and had some food.

We made a decision that we would set a target of Wednesday for him to return to school. He had spoken to Paige on a couple of occasions and we were both delighted when she turned up with a steak and kidney pie that she and her Mum had made for us.

It was greatly appreciated and it was nice to see her. By the end of the day, we were both feeling a lot better and a lot more cheerful. However, the thermometer showed that James’ temperature was still high so we carried on with the medication and, of course, having plenty of rest.

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