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A weekend without a match, such fun. No early start, no rushing around sorting kit and no muddy James (name changed) in my car.

Paige was at her Nan’s house for the weekend so it was just me and the boy. Once we were both up and showered we headed off to the garden centre for breakfast and for James to look at the fish, for his aquarium. He had really worked hard with it and it was looking great but he had lost a couple of fish and wanted to replace them. So after the full English we walked over to the aquarium bit and looked around.

James had a few bob saved so he was able to look at a couple of more expensive fish. He spent awhile talking to the shop assistant getting some advice and suggestions based on what he already had in the tank. He eventually settled on a couple of lovely colourful fish and bought some more plants to put in.

We got home and I left James to sort the tank out and do the things the man in the shop had suggested. While he did that I put some washing on and looked at what football was on. So the rest of Saturday was spent watching football after James’ had worked his magic.

James was enjoying his day off from football and it probably helped recharge his batteries. In the evening, after the last game, we found a film to watch after I cooked some sausages and mash for us both.

We had a pause while James spoke to Paige on the phone and we then enjoyed the film. It was gone midnight by the time the film finished and James went off to bed while I cleared the dinner things away and loaded the dishwasher.

Sunday was spent doing not a great deal. We were both late up with James not appearing until midday. We sat and had tea and a bacon sandwich and planned our day. Our plans were, basically, to watch football and eat. One of my sons joined us and we had a nice afternoon glued to the TV.

I cooked, in the evening, and my son stayed for dinner with him and James renewing their rivalry playing FIFA on the PlayStation. My son left about 9 and James sorted his stuff for the week and had a chat with Paige on the phone.

After James had left, on Monday, I caught up with some housework and emails. My Link worker called for a chat and catch up but, other than that, it was a quiet day. James got home normal time and seemed in a good mood.

The school sent a letter home regarding the Covid jab so I had a chat with James about it and he was ok having it.

We talked, again, about Christmas and what the plans were. My boys were joining us for dinner and we would have the day together. Paige’s parents had invited him over for Boxing Day and I would meet up with some friends for lunch.

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