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Grand Prix Blog

What a weekend! Friday night James (name changed) went to Paige’s and decided to stay over so I had to pick him up in the morning and then take him to football which wasn’t really too much of an issue.

The game was good and James played really well scoring another goal and setting up another in a 4-0 result. Paige had come with us to watch and I think it spurred James on to play at a higher level than usual.

So there were plentiful pats on the back after the match and a Man of the Match medal to add to his collection. So a very happy James, Paige and I headed off to enjoy some food at the garden centre and James pocketed another £5 as part of our goal scoring agreement.

Fostering Blog

We got home and I just let James and Paige ‘hang out’ whilst I did some chores and put some washing out. James and Paige were going to go to the cinema in the evening so I offered my driving skills and said I would drop them at the cinema and pick them up and then drop Paige home.

My offer was very quickly accepted and I looked forward to a couple of hours of peace and quiet. I dropped them off and got home in about 15 minutes and then put my feet up. I then left to collect them, about 10pm, only to find a rather nasty accident had caused a traffic jam.

I texted James to say that I was stuck and also texted Paige’s dad to say that we would be late. Eventually the traffic started moving and I got to the cinema about 30 minutes late. They got in the car and I went back to Paige’s a different way, just in case. With Paige dropped home, we got home and were both shattered.

So the next day there were no alarms and no plans. It was going to be a lazy day. I got up about 10 and made a coffee and sat in the rather wet garden enjoying the silence. James didn’t get up until midday and we decided to watch the Grand Prix, in the afternoon, as there was no football.

I cooked a Sunday roast, and we just sat and chilled. It was nice just sitting and chatting about life in general. We talked about school, football, Paige and his Mum. He spoke with so much more confidence now and was able to talk freely without getting upset.

Mum was no longer a touchy subject. He felt sorry for her but he was now able to be critical in a structured way and he is able to articulate how he feels about her and the whole being in care situation. He said that he didn’t feel like he was in care anymore, which was nice to hear.

We chatted for a good couple of hours, including over dinner. After we tidied dinner away we watched TV and talked about the upcoming half term and what we were going to do and I asked him to come back with some ideas.

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