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James Disappeared Foster Blog

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A hot and busy weekend. James (name changed) and I went about our normal routine whilst trying to stay cool. Saturday we went out, initially to eat, but ended up having a drive out and somehow reaching the seaside.

Whitstable is a favourite place of mine and we managed to find a seat in a lovely restaurant overlooking the harbour. We both had fish and chips and it was delicious washed down with a shandy. We sat there for over an hour enjoying our food and then went for a walk along the coast and sat watching the world go by.

Being near the sea shaved about 5 degrees off of the temperature and there was a bit of a breeze which also helped. Of course having a paddle helped and we had walked a fair while before we headed back to the car, via the high street. James disappeared! One minute he was there and the next minute vanished.

I finally tracked him into a charity shop where he looked very excited. He had found a coat, made by a fashionable and well known outdoor brand, which was his size. He had always wanted one, apparently, and it was also quite reasonably priced. So there we were on the hottest day of the year buying a winter coat. James was beyond excited and messaged Paige to share his excitement.

On the way home we stopped a couple of times to enjoy a view or just to cool down. My air conditioning is great but it tends to play havoc with my sinuses. We got home and had a sandwich before settling down for an evening of Netflix.

Sunday and James was heading over to Paige’s for the day. After he was picked up I did some clearing up and general housework and relaxed in the garden. I made myself some lunch and then sat and watched the Grand Prix on the TV. I made a couple of calls, sent some emails, caught up on life in general.

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So the house looked reasonably tidy and there was nothing that I had to worry about from an admin point of view. I quickly checked James’ room and smiled at the new second hand coat hanging up on his wardrobe. I have to say that James loved a bargain and this was really something that had caught his eye. James got home at about 8pm and he had already eaten so I made myself a sandwich and made us both a cuppa. We watched some rubbish on the TV and James headed off to bed at about 10. I went up about 11.

As we were heading into the final weeks of the school year things were a lot more relaxed for James. He had finished his exams and was ready to take his first steps into the real world, albeit with a football club. He had chosen some subjects to study at the academy and he understood that it was important that his education continued.

He had enjoyed a number of conversations with the Academy staff about the future especially regarding the low success rate of young players at the club. It was going to be hard work but James had a back up plan.

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