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Perfect Weekend Fostering Blog

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We had a very busy weekend. James (name changed) had football training on Sunday morning but also had to fit in some revision and, of course, time with Paige. So Friday evening I dropped him over to Paige’s house where he could see her and do some revision with her. Paige is, according to James, a bit of a brain box so is, therefore, the ideal person to revise with. James texted me to ask if he could stay over and of course I said yes. So I spent the evening watching a series on Netflix and also enjoyed a takeaway.

I collected James on Saturday lunchtime and we went and did some shopping. James wanted to get some new shin-pads so we paid a visit to Sports Direct. I bought some new trainers and decided to treat James to some as well. Big mistake! I chose, tried on and bought mine in 10 minutes. James was faffing about deciding what brand, style and colour he wanted. I felt sorry for the assistant as she had to carry out about 5 visits to the stock room and back. Eventually James chose the first pair he tried on and we went on our way. When we got home James did another hours revision while I put away the shopping and made some lunch. Once he had finished we sat down to watch the Cup Final and chill out. James then got his bag ready for Sunday morning and I made dinner. Fortunately we found some more football to watch in the evening and then James took himself off to bed as we had a fairly early start the following morning.

Sunday morning was the usual routine. We were up at about 8, light breakfast and set off for the wilds of South London. The journey there was easy as there was very little traffic on the road. We arrived about 30 minutes early and James disappeared off to the changing room. About half an hour later I saw a coach arrive in the car park and a group of youths got out all in matching tracksuits and headed off to the changing rooms. It turned out that James’ academy had a match against the academy of another professional club in East London.

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So I made my way down, with the other dads, and we sat in the little stand on the practice pitch which offered some protection from the rain that was now falling. James was starting the match and the game kicked off. Now I might be biased but James seemed a step ahead of the other lads and was, physically, a lot stronger. He scored 2 goals by half time but was then subbed off and virtually a completely new team played in the second half. What I really liked was to see James being very vocal in supporting his team in the second half. The game finished with James’ team winning 4-0.

I waited in the cafeteria for James and we drove home very happy. The journey took a lot longer going back as the shopping traffic and the Sunday drivers were out in force. When we got home I cooked a nice Sunday dinner and we watched some more football on the TV. A perfect weekend!!

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