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After Easter and Bank Holidays it was back to some form of normality at home. James (name changed) was starting his exams so his evenings were spent revising as per the timetable we had produced. He understood the importance of his exams so was pretty good at sticking to his revision especially as Paige was helping him and he was helping her. So he had a break on Saturday and we went to the garden centre for some lunch and a wander around.

Paige joined us for lunch and we had a nice mooch about the extensive shops they had there. We bought some nice sausages, a steak and kidney pie and a piece of Lamb for Sunday. We then went to the fruit and veg counter and bought some fresh produce, including broad beans, my absolute favourite. We got home mid-afternoon and James and Paige sat up to the dining room table and went through some revision and what exams they had the following week. Paige updated James’ timetable and they went through some bits and pieces. We then dropped Paige home and came home for dinner and an evening of Netflix.

On Sunday it was back to football routine and a trip to South London. Traffic wasn’t too bad going and we were there in about 40 minutes. James went off to do football stuff and I sat and drank very nice coffee and eating a lovely bacon roll in the cafeteria. The lady in the cafeteria said it was nice to prepare something ‘normal’ as all the footballers ate healthy food and that she was sick of cooking pasta. I could see the boys training hard in the sunshine and wondered how much James was struggling after the holiday breaks. Ninety minutes later the boys came back and disappeared into the changing rooms. He came up, with another lad, and asked if we could drop him home as his Mum had called him to say that her car had broken down.

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The lads name was Jason and he was a very polite lad. We dropped him home and his Mum came out to thank us. She was a lovely smiley lady of Jamaican heritage and we chatted for a while. I then went and looked at her car for her but it was far beyond my basic car mechanical knowledge. We left there and started the journey home, which was an utter pain with a lot of traffic on the road.

We got home and James sorted his gear out and then had a long soak in the bath. We both prepared dinner and enjoyed the lamb and some of the vegetables I bought the previous day. I have to say that it was delicious and we finished off with a lemon meringue, another purchase from the previous day. We then sat down to watch the football on TV and both felt very relaxed after a busy morning. We had a bit of fruit for tea and James went off to bed at about 10pm. I finished my diary, paid some bills and then went to bed at about 11pm. All in all a very enjoyable weekend. 

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