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A strange weekend all round. James (name changed) couldn’t play in the match on Saturday as his ankle was still painful.

It was obvious, when the physio looked at it on Thursday, that he couldn’t play as it was still swollen and uncomfortable. James was disappointed and asked if we could still go and watch the game. When James got home on Friday we decided to go and eat out somewhere and James asked Paige if she wanted to join us, which she did.

We decided on a nice, local Indian restaurant which had a very good reputation. I rang to check there was a table available and booked for 8pm. We picked Paige up, parked and went into the restaurant where we were shown to our table.

The food was delicious and we were all stuffed after a starter and main course. It was a very enjoyable evening out. We dropped Paige home and got in and watched some TV for a while before James went to bed about midnight. I locked up and got into bed about half past midnight.

On Saturday we had planned to go and watch James’ team play but I only had limited fuel and there were ridiculous queues everywhere due to the rumoured fuel ‘shortage’. I wasn’t prepared to sit in a queue for hours, as some were, so we decided to have a lazy day indoors.

Of course, the day still revolved around football, as there were 3 televised games to watch. I had booked a supermarket delivery and that turned up mid-afternoon, which was handy as it replenished out snack cupboard which was becoming rather depleted.

It was nice not to have to go anywhere and to sit and chat and do nothing. I organised some dinner for us both at about 6pm which was eaten on trays in front of the TV.

One of James’ team mates called to say that the team had drawn 1-1 and that the team had missed him, which was nice for James to hear.

After all the football had finished we put a film on and watched that until bedtime. James said what a nice, chilled, relaxing day it had been and he had enjoyed it.

Sunday I woke up early for some reason. I couldn’t get back off so I got up for a coffee. I sat for about 3 hours in the garden with just the birds for company. My phone rang and it was James, which puzzled me.

He asked where I was and I told him I was in the garden. He had knocked on my bedroom door and looked in all the rooms but couldn’t find me and had panicked a bit. He joined me in the garden with his tea and we discussed what we wanted to do for the rest of the day.

We decided on nothing as James ankle was still sore and I didn’t want to use fuel in case I couldn’t get anymore.

So Sunday became Saturday mark 2. A day of rest, eating, football and more eating. What more could two blokes wish for?

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