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It was a typical weekend, football, eating, sleeping and more football. James (name changed) had a game on Saturday morning so we had an early night on Friday and no takeaway.

We got to the ground early, on Saturday, and James went off with his team mates. I went and got a tea and a bacon roll and sat in the bar area and chatted with some of the other parents. While I was there a couple came over and asked if they could talk to me about something ‘personal’.

Of course I agreed. They had heard that I was a foster carer and asked about it. The lady had been made redundant and they had discussed fostering as their son was the same age as James and they had room in their house for another child.

So we sat and discussed the role of being a carer, what it entailed, finances etc. The match was about to start so we went and sat in the stand.

James played well and had a hand in his teams opening goal. It was 1-0 at half time. I carried on talking to the couple and I asked if they wanted me to organise someone from my agency to contact them for an informal chat, which they agreed to.

The second half was a better performance and James scored in a 4-0 result. James was happy with his performance although his ankle was a bit swollen after a tackle. The club physio looked at it and told me that ice and rest was the best. So we left the ground and drove to get some food.

With James’ dodgy ankle I said we would get something at home rather than waking around the garden centre. So we got home and I cooked some sausages and mash which James destroyed in no time at all. I got an ice pack out of the freezer and James sat with his foot raised. Paige came around in the afternoon and I gave them some space and sat in the garden.

I asked Paige if she wanted to stay over. She called her Dad and he said that was fine.

We had a nice Chinese in the evening and watched a film afterwards. James and Paige went off to their respective rooms at about midnight and I tidied up and locked up and went to bed.

Sunday was a miserable day, wet and cloudy. James ankle was bad still so I ran Paige home and when I got home James had started doing some lunch. I looked at his ankle and the bruising had come out, which was a good sign.

We had lunch and put the football on. James seemed a bit easier on his ankle and was moving it around to stop it stiffening up.

He then asked if he was ok to go to school the following day. I said yes he was but I’d run him in. We watched two matches and then ate the rest of the Chinese from the previous night.

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