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Alice’s stage

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Alice’s stage

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This evening Annie and I went to her school for a Careers Evening. The school had organised the evening for all year nine students who will be making their GCSE options later this year. It was intended to give them an opportunity to think ahead about careers they are interested in or might take an interest in, and to therefore think whether they need to take specific subjects for that career.

It is probably fair to say that it is pretty early for 13 and 14 year olds to know what career they have in mind, but I am sure it is useful to broaden their horizons a little and at least show them a variety of options.

I have to say on reflection that the school had only managed to get pretty academic professions represented – engineering, medical, lawyers etc. Whilst Annie and Lauren are potentially academic enough for these kind of careers, I couldn’t help but think ahead for when Alice is at that stage. There must be other children at the school who are not so academic and will be looking at more practical / vocational jobs. It is such a shame that these kind of professions were not represented at all. It is certainly something I will give feedback to the school on and hope that by the time Alice is at this stage other career options will be represented. Otherwise there will be little point a child like Alice even attending such an evening.

At least for Annie, who is thinking of something within medicine, it was a very useful evening, and she got to talk to a few professionals who were very helpful giving advice about doing some extra curricular things to add to her CV and help her stand out in an University application. Until then she needs to continue to work hard, and keep her mind open to all the possibilities of careers open to her.

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