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Alice’s violin

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Alice’s violin

Monday’s Fostering Blog

As we head towards the end of the school term things are starting to get very busy in the calendar.  We have two sports days, leavers assemblies and parties, charity coffee morning, awards presentations and music concerts – and all packed in to the last three weeks of term!  Tonight we have had the pleasure of attending the end of year concert at Annie’s school. She is playing violin in the lower school orchestra.  She has been playing (reluctantly) all year in the orchestra, rehearsals are midweek from 7.45am until 8.30am – so it has been quite a commitment.  Once she gets to rehearsal, she actually enjoys being there. She does not however enjoy the performances.  She just doesn’t seem enjoy being in front of an audience.

As we were unable to get a sitter for the evening, Charlie stayed at home with Alice and I took Lauren to the concert.  We both really enjoyed it.  There was a good mix of classical and contemporary music to keep us both interested.  It was lovely that they included a mixture of musical groups – from beginners – right up to grade 8.  It was very inspiring to see the dedication of so many young people. We were of course proud of Annie’s performance, despite her wanted to stay in the shadows at the back of the group.  I am hoping that she will continue at least for a little longer.  Whilst I try not to push them too much, I really don’t want them to give up on things too quickly.  They have opportunities that we never had when we were younger, so I will gently encourage them to keep going for as long as they can.

Alice was a little disappointed not to attend.  She didn’t really understand that a 9 o’clock finish on a school night was not a good idea.  She just wanted to see her big sister play in the concert!  She has also been learning the violin this year and in her mind she is the next Yehudi Menuhin.  It has not been the most pleasant listening experience!  I have to remind myself that Annie too was not always as accomplished as she is now!  To be honest it is the sort of thing you block from memory!!  I don’t think Alice will continue with violin next school year.  It is great that she is showing enthusiasm towards music – however, We will have to think of an instrument a little quieter.

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