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BLOG Sabotaged?

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BLOG Sabotaged?

Wednesday’s Fostering Blog

Alice has gone to a disabled activity day today.  One of the activities she is doing is swimming. She has been looking forward to this for weeks.  She loves swimming. I think that because she is a paraplegic, the water gives her a sense of freedom she does not get elsewhere. She can ditch her wheelchair and enjoy the freedom the water gives her.  She almost wasn’t able to go. We have had problems with her bowels for a while and today was no different. She hadn’t done a poo for days. One suppository and two enemas later – we finally had movement. We did have to break the news that if she didn’t poo then she wouldn’t be able to swim, I wouldn’t want to risk a bowel movement in the swimming pool – not only would that be dreadful cleaning up, it would mean closing the pool for all the other children.

So we were relieved that her bowels opened she could still go.  With Annie still away with her youth group and Charlie working, Lauren and I have a girlie day planned. We are going to the cinema, restaurant for lunch and then a bot of retail therapy this afternoon.  Lauren thrives on some one to one time.  She is good company so I am really looking forward to having her all to myself.

It was interesting to note earlier when Alice was messing around with her breakfast, Lauren pulled me to one side and said “mummy, please don’t tell Alice she can’t go today if she doesn’t eat her breakfast”  That really was a bit of a wake up call. Do I really make those threats?  Do I make them intentionally, and if so would I follow through on such a threat which would end in my day with Lauren being sabotaged?

That aside, Lauren and I enjoyed going out together. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed spending time with each other. We returned home in time for Alice getting home from her day out. I couldn’t help but smile when they told me that she had done a poo in the pool.  I was just so relieved that for once I had not had to clean it up.  Alice did not seem to be bothered.  In fact the carer had told me that she proudly announced it to all the children there that she had done a poo in the pool!  She is not self aware yet – it is probably just as well, most children would be mortified!
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