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Christmas starts

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Christmas starts

Saturday’s Fostering Blog

Today we went to our first “Christmas” event – it was a Christmas craft fair run by our church at the local village hall. I have to say these events are not really my cup of tea, not just because it is still only November – but I know we will end up spending far too much money on what I consider a lot of old tat. I am not wrong!

The minute we get through the door we are accosted by old two ladies wanting us to have a go on the tombola. When the girls didn’t win on their first go, they had three more goes until they did win! The prize was a little underwhelming. Call me grumpy – but I just paid £4 in tombola tickets for a £1 selection box. The rest of our time was spent looking at knitted tree decorations, lavender bags and second hand books.

I really didn’t think the girls would be that bothered about anything other that the home made cakes that were at the other end of the village hall. Lauren and Annie had a quick glance at the rest of the stalls and decided they would go on ahead to choose which cake we would take home to have this afternoon.

Alice however, wanted to stop at every stall and wanted to buy all her Christmas presents there. She engaged in conversations with every stall holder. Fortunately, we had given Alice some pocket money to bring and we made a deal that she could spend as much or as little of it as she liked, but if she chose to spend it all we wouldn’t be giving her any more money.

After three stalls she had spent everything. She then looked to us. We reminded her that she had already spent what she brought.

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