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Today I am hoping for a slightly less eventful day. After the drama yesterday of my grandmother going into hospital after a fall, she was discharged that same morning. Unfortunately, it turned out that they had not actually given her an x-ray on a suspected broken arm, but sent her home with a temporary cast on her arm.

When she got back to the care home she had no idea of why she had a cast on her arm and so pulled it off. The care home spent most of the day trying to arrange to get her back to the hospital to get and x-ray and the cast put back on if needed. While all this was going on I was the other side of the city at a hospital appointment with Alice. I felt so helpless that I was unable to help my grandmother. I know the care home were frustrated with me, as it meant they would have to send one of their staff to accompany her to the hospital.

There was nothing I could do – felt stuck between a rock and a hard place so to speak. I was willing Alice’s consultant paediatrician to be on time – but it was no use. She never runs to schedule and today was no different. I have never worried too much about it before, as I know once we have our appointment – she will give us her undivided attention – and I am sure with the complexities of life that Alice faces – we will just add to the schedule being behind!!

So, I resigned myself to the fact that I was here with Alice and the care home would just have to get my grandmother sorted. Sure enough they got everything sorted, and I finally got to visit her after the social worker had been in the evening.

My grandmother had no recollection of the events of the day and all the fuss and anxiety that had gone on. She was sporting a very bright pink cast and she really had no idea why she had got it. I tried to explain – but she wasn’t taking any of it in. I left her that evening, in the safe hands of the care home and in the knowledge that I do not have to do everything all the time. I do still hope that the next adventure will come on a day when I have nothing in the diary – wishful thinking I think!!!

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