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Fostering Blog | Snow Day

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Fostering Blog | Snow Day

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Although we knew that snow had been forecast today, we were definitely not prepared for the amount of snow that we saw when we woke up. It looked like a blizzard was coming down. I frantically grabbed my phone and started looking at the school websites and various social media to see whether it would be declared a “snow day”. Unfortunately there was no news, so we had to get up and prepare to go to school. The snow was coming down thick and fast but so far the traffic was keeping it from settling on the roads.

Just before leaving the house we had one last check on the school website – but sadly no news. So off we all went, Lauren and Annie left to go to their school and I went with Alice to her primary school, while Charlie left for work. It was one of those days where I was glad to be wearing glasses. The wind was blowing the snow right in our faces. Alice was complaining bitterly. She was not at all happy that she was having to go to school in the snow.

To be honest I wasn’t prepared for a snow day so I was actually relieved. I had plans and was so pleased I could still have the day to myself. No sooner had Alice got into school, and we peeled the layers of waterproof clothes off, that the snow stopped.

As I walked home, it surreal how different the weather was. It was almost as if it had been a dream – and I really would have questioned myself other than that I was soaked to the skin, which reminds me I really need to respray my coat with waterproof spray.

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