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Fostering Blog | A quiet word

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Fostering Blog | A quiet word

Friday’s Fostering Blog

The children finish school today for the Easter holidays.  It has been a long term and we have been looking forward to this break.  It seems like half the country broke up last week, so co-ordinating meeting up with friends has been tricky.  While the children are at school Charlie and I get the car packed with everything I need for a week away with the girls. Charlie is working next week as it is one of the busiest weeks of the year for him. He is going to drive down with us tonight, help us unpack settle in to the holiday home and then drive home in the morning so the he can work.

The plan was to collect Lauren and Alice from school as usual, wait for Annie to return home and then get straight in the car and go to the holiday home where we are meeting a good friend and her son for the week.  I’m looking forward to having a chance to spend time with my friend.  She has a son a year older than Alice with physical disabilities, as well as learning needs and attachment disorder.  It is always helpful to spend time with someone who is more experienced in this area, we can share stories and tips.

As we picked up Lauren and Alice from school, I knew a quick act diplomacy of diplomacy was needed. Alice came out of school parading her 100 merit badge on her tie. Lauren had been working hard to get her badge too,  but when you don’t have any additional needs, your behaviour is excellent and you are just above average academically, you don’t get the merits at the same rate as those who do. We know that school have given out merit marks to Alice like Smarties. They have used merits as a means of reward to help control her behaviour when it has been difficult. It is not something I have supported, particularly when we have another child who is genuinely working hard every day. We decided to have a quiet word with Lauren on the side and not mention or draw attention to the merit badge.

Once Annie arrives home the cars are packed and we are soon away. One thing I had inadvertently forgotten is to pack was a meal for the journey. I am usually so organised in making sure we have a picnic to take with us for the journey but in all the packing I must have forgotten. The children were ecstatic to discover this, because this meant we would have to stop en route. Eating a McDonald’s meal is trickier than it sounds while you are driving. Annie was in the front of the car with me and was passing me food to eat as I drove. The time passed quickly and we soon arrived at our destination.  We are soon unpacked and very much looking forward to the week ahead of rest with a good friend.

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