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Fostering Blog | Alice’s schooling

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Fostering Blog | Alice’s schooling

Wednesday’s Fostering Blog

The SENCo from Alice’s school took the decision today to cancel Alice’s PEP (a meeting that happens twice a year to agree the education plan, discuss her IEP (Individual Education Plan) set new targets and agree how her pupil premium money is best spent). The SENCo felt that the priority at the moment was to get the Social Worker to come and discuss Alice’s behaviour both at home and at school.  Following on from our meeting earlier in the week, we are getting to crisis point – something we are all hoping to avoid.

We were all dumbfounded when the Social Worker failed to even acknowledge this request, her student Social Worker decided she was “too busy” to attend even though she would have been attending the PEP at the same time.  For some reason they have not taken either request from the SENCo or myself seriously.

There are times in fostering when you are left reeling. You literally cannot make these stories up. The SENCo is not at all surprised. She takes it upon herself to contact the IRO (independent Reviewing Officer) to put her in the picture.  She says that she had no idea about the recent difficulties Alice has been having (I find that a little hard to believe as she had been copied into several emails – where I had clearly outlined the issues).   You can do all the right things, make sure everyone is in the loop all of the time, and yet professional people – either fail to read the emails sent, or fail to acknowledge the gravity of the situation.

Nevertheless the IRO assured the SENCo that she would ensure a meeting was scheduled for next week and that a manager would be present so that decisions could be made.  The SENCo suggested an offer of respite was the very least they should bring to the table.  Experience had warned me to not hold my breath…

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