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Fostering Blog | Camping

Friday’s Fostering Blog

Against my better judgement we are going camping this weekend. We are camping for six nights – going to a Christian festival with some friends. So in preparation we have spent the day packing. I have made a list of all the things I think we need. It is two sides of A4. I’m not sure how we going to fit everything in the car. Charlie has said there are lots of things I really need to leave behind. I’m a little disappointed that we won’t have an Electric hook up so I won’t be able to take the microwave or the hairdryer!

I’m debating whether we’re actually camping or “glamping” this year as I’ve just packed our bunting and solar lights – so we don’t trip over the guy ropes of course! I have discovered that packing with three children in the house is pretty difficult. They keep distracting me and I lose where I am on my list. They seem to be moving things and “needing” things that have already been packed. I seem to be packing and then re-packing several times over. Lauren and Annie do a pretty good job of packing their own clothes, however they don’t always think about having outfits that go together and simple things like having enough pairs of socks for the week.

As for Alice I need to do her packing completely. If she had her way she would pack 7 dresses and 3 pairs of converse trainers – not really what I was thinking for a camping trip!! We have a long list of medical supplies that she needs and I have a list that I print out each time we go away. I find by having a printed list I don’t forget anything. Another thing I learnt from a close friend with with a child with additional needs is for holidays is to pre-fill labelled syringes with all her medicines for each day. This means I won’t have to worry about taking bottles of medicines and washing syringes while we are camping. The we are going to is not an official campsite it is an event held on a Show ground this means that the facilities are quite basic and getting clean while we are there is a challenge – so it is important we make as many things as easy as possible – hopefully making the week slightly more bearable.

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