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Fostering Blog | Hindsight

Monday’s Fostering Blog

I have just got back from the Annie’s high school awards ceremony. I had been under very strict instructions from school that I was not to tell Annie beforehand that she had been selected for an award at this years ceremony. She was well aware of the kudos of the event, as last year she had started school just a few weeks before when we had moved with Charlie’s job. At her previous school she had achieved highly academically and personally. She had left the school in the gifted and talented stream, but she started a new school who did not recognise her results. She started on the back foot and if I’m honest I realise now how demoralising that was for her. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I wish I could go back and fight a little harder for her, as it now appears that she started the school in lower subject sets and has had to prove herself all year. At the awards last year she was recognised for nothing, however, in good grace she celebrated with the new friends that she had made.

It was thrilling to hear that she received academic commendations in four subjects for achievement and effort . She also received four full awards badges in academic subjects and two half awards for effort. She also received two awards for extra curricular activities. I was so proud of all she has achieved in this last academic year, having started at the back of the queue, she has more than proved herself both academically and personally.

School have been aware of some of the turmoil we have faced at home as a fostering family. Her form teacher has been great in extending a little grace to her when she has forgotten things, that are often my responsibility. He has given her extra time to get jobs done like getting her planner signed. It is unfortunate that when you are fostering, due the demands of the child you foster, sometimes your own birth children get forgotten and not prioritised.

It has been a big reminder today of what she has carried on her shoulders when I have but not been there to help her. She is a credit to herself and to our family and I could not be more proud of her. I cannot wait for her to get home this afternoon when we can really talk through her achievements and celebrate all she has done this year. We look forward later in the week to Lauren’s end of year celebration and we can see all that she has achieved at her new school too.

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