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Fostering Blog | Lauren

Monday’s Fostering Blog

On Monday evening we went to Lauren’s end of year play. We had arranged to get a sitter for Alice well in advance because the end of year play is a big deal in her school. The only only children involved in the play are those leavers in year six.

Lauren decided at the 11th hour that she would audition for the play. She had been a bit reluctant at first because she found that in her previous school, it was the same “favourite” students who would be picked each year for the play. She was over the moon when she found out after auditions she had been given one of the parts, and not just any part but one of the main parts! We knew she would have a fresh start at this primary school last summer – we were right and she is now finishing the year on a high and with a huge sense of pride.

She had worked so hard to learn her lines. We hadn’t really realised how big her part was until we started helping her with her lines – that’s when we found out that she was in eight of the 10 scenes in the play. The hours of practice she put in was well worth the effort – she was brilliant!! She said every word with great clarity and she had so much confidence. She was not the only one to shine, there were so many others who stood out too. The show was a huge success, we know that it was down to the hard work of so many students but also down to the teaching and support staff being so incredibly supportive and giving up so much time to make it a success. What a way for Lauren to end not only her school year but also the end of her primary education.

With the show over we took our time getting home. Charlie, Annie and I enjoyed telling Lauren out favourite parts of the play. We laughed over some of the funny lines in it and some of the missed cues. We had a lovely walk home enjoying one another company. Now just one more “get up” and day to get through until the summer holiday begins.

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