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Fostering Blog | Over the Moon

Friday’s Fostering Blog

Despite some of the wet weather we have had this month, we have enjoyed some lovely days together. We have loved seeing the girls playing out together in the garden. Recently the Business Manager at Alice’s school gave us some information about a local charity who help families like ours with funding for equipment. She suggested we apply for some funding for some play equipment for our garden. I have to admit this is not something we had even considered before. Our girls are getting older and play equipment is time limited. There are so many other pieces of equipment we have needed for Alice that garden play equipment hasn’t really been a priority.

Well with the motivation from school, we approached the local charity explaining our situation. We thought of a piece of equipment that could be used for both Alice and our two daughters could use together would be really useful. They replied really quickly saying I would love to help us and would like to fund a triple swing set. They just asked us to cost it up and then sent the money through for the equipment.

The girls were over the moon. Fortunately Charlie had the skills to assemble the swing set in the garden. To my real surprise and joy, it has been a real hit with all of the girls. With a regular swing on one side, trapeze bar in the centre and a nest swing on the other side, for once all the girls can play together.

Alice has been out there for an hour this evening and she is content to have her baby doll sitting in the nest swing, pushing her backwards and forwards. Lauren and Annie divide their time between the other swing, trapeze and the trampoline we we already have. I am so glad we have people in our community who think about helping others. If the Business Manager had not thought of us, I don’t think we would have even considered getting the equipment ourselves. I am so grateful to all those who gave to the charity which has enabled us to get the benefit. I hope I can pass on useful and helpful information when I come across it, and others can benefit in the same way!!

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