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I am so relieved

Fulltime Foster Carer - Harriet author of: A Less Ordinary Family

I am so relieved

11th July 2016

So after what seems like an eternity of a weekend, the result day of Lauren’s appeal is finally here. I had to wait until 10am until I could ring the Clerk of the Appeal to get the result. It’s amazing how slowly time goes when you are waiting for something so important! Lauren’s maths tutor came at 9am. I tried to keep myself busy – a good opportunity to catch up with filing paperwork and doing a bit of much needed housework. I begun to feel quite nervous as 10am approached, and to be honest didn’t get through too much of the paperwork. After boiling and reboiling the kettle three times I finally sat down with a hot cup of tea.

I watch the second hand go around and as it finally passed 10 O’Clock I made the call. After being transferred through two different departments, I eventually spoke to the Clerk of the Appeal. After giving her all the details of name and address and confirming I was who I said I was, I heard the glorious words ‘it’s good news!”. I am not sure whether she heard my exhale of breath but then I garbled a message of thanks to all involved and then just before I hung up, the Clerk said to wait to call the school until the afternoon, as the admissions department would need to call them first.

I sat back down, took a huge gulp of what was now very lukewarm tea and I breathed a very heavy and deep sigh of relief. I immediately told Lauren, who was over the moon, then rang Charlie to give him the good news. It really felt like we needed to celebrate, but Lauren was insistent that we told her sisters before anything else.

I have to admit I was a little nervous calling the school in the afternoon, after all we had just won an appeal to admit a child into a class which was already over capacity. However, for the second time today, I felt a huge relief as the school could not have been nicer. They agreed that Lauren could start school later that week once we had got uniform sorted. This was great news – this would mean Lauren would have a week and a half at school before the end of term, making for an easier September.

I have to say I am so relieved and can finally see an end to the way life has been over the last two months. I can see that come September once all the girls are in school full time I will be able to find my own routine, make friends and really begin to feel settled in our new home.

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