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Friday 20th May 2016

House Move Day 2

So today we actually move. The removal company arrive and make a great start. We had left the house by 11am and were on our way to our new home. I was so pleased things were going so quickly. I really wanted to go to the new house and make it back together with Charlie to collect he girls on their last day at school. I envisage some emotion as they leave behind many friends they have made over the years. This will be the last time they see most of them forever.

Once we arrived at the new house, I realised that this hope was not going to be a reality. The removal guys had received a call from their head office, they had been asked to go help finish another job once they had finished ours. It was quite clear that they did not intend to go to this other job so they were on a go-slow, taking a break every thirty minutes or so.

I left Charlie with the removal men and I headed back to other side of the city, back to collect the girls from school. Annie leaves school early on a Friday, so I drove up to collect her, and we went back for a quick cuppa to our neighbours house. We walked up to school to get Lauren from the Juniors and Alice from the Infants. It was lovely to hear that Lauren had a lovely last day, friends had given her gifts, her teacher had bought her a helium balloon, and she came away feeling very special and loved. I know this move is going to be tough for her as we know we have a school appeal ahead as there are no year 5 places in any of the local schools.

Alice, as expected was a little emotional. Her class teacher had organised a class party and she of course had been the centre of attention. She came out of school armed with cards and gifts from friends and teachers.

We walked back to the old house, said good bye to our neighbours and got on the road – ready to start a new journey in a new town and a new house. As we arrive and the girls quickly start exploring the new house and unpacking some of their things, the emotions of the day catch up with them all. We can feel that they are all a little uncertain about our new surroundings. At times like this we realise how parents need to provide stability and reassurance. We are surprised by a ‘welcome’ hamper from the local church that Charlie is going to be a Vicar at. To the girls delight, it contains mostly biscuits and treats! This does a far better job at raising spirits and helping us all to settle in! The kettle is switched on, and we start our new life here, so pleased and grateful that it has been a smooth ride so far.

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