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Painting expeditions

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Painting expeditions

Thursday 7th April

This week, while Charlie has been at home, I have driven over a couple of times to our new house to get some painting done.  We are in the fortunate position of not being in a chain, and able to get our house ready before we move into it.  The house is in fairly good condition, but definitely needs a lick of paint!  Annie and Lauren have been sharing a room for the last eight years, and when we move they are having their own rooms again. They have learnt the art of compromise while they have been sharing – but they are both very keen to pick their own colours.  And they are definitely ready to have a bit of space from each other!  So I’ve decided to do some of the painting myself – this gives me some thinking time and a small break from child care for a few hours.

Its funny how when you think about decorating, you plan out all the rooms you will paint in the time that you have.  After factoring in travelling, I would have about six hours to paint over two days.   I had definitely planned to get the first coat of paint on the girls walls, and I would do the small cloakroom and downstairs toilet.

The reality was a bitter disappointment.  After all the cutting in at the edges, I only managed to get the first coat on the walls of the cloakroom and toilet.  The second day was slower. Lauren decided to join me “for company’. This meant in between checking on her and answering an ever stream of questions, I only finished the second coat.  I can see that there will be many more days ahead of painting!  We have six weeks to get the house sorted – so we are going to need to get over there as often as we can.  With it being 30 minutes drive away it will take some careful planning!

I am also becoming aware that we all have mixed feelings about the move.  We are excited about a new challenge, and change of job for Charlie.  But on the other hand, we are realising that we will miss the friends we have here, and we are all going to have to make a new start.  I am especially aware that it will be hard for the girls.  They too have to start again, making new friends, starting new schools.  We need to be very patient and kind to one another over the next few weeks as we come to terms with the move.  Perhaps taking our time to come to terms with the move is no bad thing – even if it means more painting expeditions!

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