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We need more Sophie

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We need more Sophie

28th March 2016 BLOG

We are going on holiday with friends for a few days.  They also have similar aged children to us and this works really well!  We’ve chosen to go to a holiday resort where there is a programme for the children in the morning.  It means that the kids get fun activities all morning with each other, the husbands can catch up on some work and emails etc, and the women can have a break, having a natter over several cups of tea – putting the world to rights.

On arrival we book Alice in to her group.  It really is a mixed blessing for us.  On the one hand, we know we will get a well needed and deserved break each morning – but on the other hand we know this will come at a cost.  This is the third year we have been to this holiday resort, so Alice is familiar with the drill.  She very quickly turns on the charm, and soon a number of staff are drawn in.  She is adept at working the room!

After all the running around getting the girls into their groups, I realise its time to do Alice’s catheter.  I soon find out that there are no Changing Places Facilities on site.  I am surprised that such a well known holiday site have no changing facilities.  We cannot get into our chalet for another hour, so I need to make a decision of what to do.  In these circumstances, I have to make a choice of whether to use public toilets and change her on the floor, or whether to return to the car and change her in the boot.  This is a constant struggle when we are out and about with no decent disabled facilities.  I opt for the car boot – not ideal – but probably cleaner than than public toilet floor!

As we make our way back to the car, we pass our chalet.  I spot the cleaners are in.  I decide to try and blag our way into the chalet.  I explain the situation to Sophie the cleaner.  She understands the situation and radios through to her base to get the chalet sorted so we can get in early!

We were very grateful to Sophie, listening to us, understanding our situation, and being flexible enough with the rules – giving us a good outcome to ensure Alice is changed in a clean, safe and private environment.

We need more Sophie’s in this world!

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