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Blog | Time for Home

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Time to go home

They say all good things come to an end, which is a shame as we have had a really successful week camping, and I say that with relief because the boys can be tricky at times; sometimes the loss of routine can be difficult for them or just being out of their comfort zone.

We often try to go to the same smaller campsites as they have been to before because they are they are familiar, and we have established a good camping routine now as they are both well-travelled. This morning with precision planning we were up early and all doing our bit to put the tents away.

I felt a bit sorry for the neighbours though, as asking them to do the task quietly was an impossible request. Looking back on the week I can honestly say it was a joy to spend quality time.

Each day we voted on what we should do next; playing board games was fun, crazy golf and pool was a favourite. We were happy we actually all managed a 2 mile walk through the many scenic fields surrounding us, and then finally ending up at a lovely country pub where we had lunch and giant ice creams before heading back. They thought it great that they could stay up later as they were on holiday.

The pool area was great they had a giant slides so everyone enjoyed having a go on them. Its helps that we all have similar interests, and we also went to see some lovely old fashioned steam trains and had a visit to a very large exhibition of model railways which I think my husband and the boys enjoyed the most. 

For me a whole week of doing no cooking or washing up was great, as the boys took turns in helping to cook dinner every night with my partner and we had some great meals outdoors. The most enjoyable part was being together; no social workers, no meetings or training, no emails, phone calls, no school runs, no making packed lunches, or worrying about school uniforms. 

Having a break where it’s safe for the boys to be themselves and spend quality time, hearing them laugh, no pressure, just able to make new good memories together.

I think they are looking forward to their own beds and a couple of early nights. I’m looking forward to the Summer camping now, bring it on…

My thought are foster children who are going on holiday for the first time, a trip within the UK to the seaside or countryside is probably best to see how they get on, before considering getting permission to take them abroad.

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