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Fostering Blog | Emma

Emma’s Blog – Fun times

As Foster carers we do struggle finding the right activities or clubs for Children and being able to give them the same experiences as other children. I believe every child is good at something; you just need to find it and work on it. Hannah had no real friends and making and keeping friends was difficult for her because she was very anxious with behavioural difficulties.

This made it very difficult trying to find suitable activities for Hannah. I tried many different things but she just didn’t settle, most times they would ask me not to bring her back but I never gave up trying and eventually I found a small youth club, It was perfect because it looked well run and after going along with her for a couple of times I felt she would be safe there.

They had very easy to follow rules especially no bullying they also liked the kids to have respect for one another and she was very strict about this. Also two strikes and you’re out policy it’s funny but she likes the firm but fair attitude still to this day. I felt safe leaving her; it seemed a place where she could just go along and be herself as there was a mixed ability of children.

Hannah wasn’t easy and there were issues but the lady who ran the club was always firm but fair and she spent lots of time with Hannah, truly believed in her and never gave up on her. I truly believe that because she had this safe space outside of the home where she could grow and have the same opportunities as others it really helped her go on to achieve. Every child needs just one person to champion and believe in them.

This was the breakthrough I needed, after that Hannah was able go to a swimming club the anxiety lessoned she no longer thought I wouldn’t come back for her – recently she joined the Scouts and has not looked back and is now doing the Duke of Edinburgh award. Children and Young people are the same as anyone else they just need a little more help in certain areas.

There is so much involved in Fostering a child than just giving them a home, we have to give them opportunities to make them successful adults – I know we are half way there but there is always more to do.

My thoughts are – when people hear the word Foster child they immediately feel they are trouble or are going to fail.

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