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Angry Boy Blog

It’s funny how the holidays whizz past yet the working weeks seem to drag on forever. James (name changed) had football training on Thursday evening and really enjoyed it.

He seems to be getting more confident every time he goes and the coaches have noticed this too. Physically he has got taller and he has filled out as well. He looks healthy and fit. I picked him and Paige up on Friday evening and we went for something to eat.

We decided on Chinese and we ate loads. They look really good as a couple and seem really comfortable around each other. Afterwards we went to the big local shopping centre and I let them walk around while I went off to get some boring things.

We met back up and went back to the car. I dropped Paige at home and we got back to ours at 8pm. James sorted his clothes out for the next day and I checked emails. James went to bed at 10 and I lasted until about 11 and I went to bed and read for a while.

Weekend Blog

Saturday was a normal Saturday really. We went to the garden centre for breakfast and James bought a couple of fish and a new plant for his aquarium. It was very busy there, which was nice to see. Like a lot of businesses it had struggled during lockdown and was kept afloat by the farm shop selling meat and vegetables.

But, for now, it was rammed and everybody seemed happy being back to normal. We got home and watched some football, after I had put a wash on, and chilled until the evening. James was off around Paige’s for dinner.

I dropped him there and said for him to call when he was ready and I’d collect him. I went home and watched some Netflix until about 1130 when he called. I picked him up and we got home after a short drive.

On Sunday it was football training again. I dropped him at 10 and collected him at 12. One of the coaches called me over for a chat. Apparently James had got involved with another boy in a bit of a ‘handbags’ after a strong tackle. The other lad had commented about James being in care and James had gone for him.

They had to be broken up by a couple of coaches and sent to calm down. I said I would talk to James about it. As James and I walked back to the car the other lad and his father walked over to us asking if they could ‘have a word’.

The dad pushed his son forward and the lad apologised to James and held his hand out. James paused and then shook the lad’s hand. I shook the boys hand as well as his dad’s. We got in the car but James seemed very quiet and subdued.

We stopped off for breakfast and he seemed to perk up once he had a full belly. When we got home we talked about the incident and I explained to James that the boy was angry and that people say horrible things when they are angry.

He seemed to accept that and we carried on with our day. We watched the Grand Prix in the afternoon and the football straight afterwards.

James sorted out his stuff for the next day and we sat and planned what we had to do in the week.

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