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James Fitness | Fostering Blog

We are all prepared for the return to school. James (name changed) has checked all of his uniform, stationary, games kit and everything else he could possibly need for school.

On Tuesday we had a lazy day as James had football training in the evening. I pottered about the house while James cleaned the fish tank. I have to say that he has done an excellent job with his tank.

He keeps it clean and makes sure that the water is changed regularly. The fish appear healthy and he occasionally spends money on new additions or plants and new gravel to help keep the tank looking spruce.

I bought him a couple of books about keeping fish and he is happy to read up on a particular subject himself and put it into action rather than asking me. I asked him how he felt about football training and he seemed to be confident.

James has filled out a bit over the holidays and he has tried to keep fit with the odd run and gym session. He wanted to give football a really good go this season and try his best to nail down a regular place in the starting eleven.

James had a light meal about 5pm and we set off in plenty of time to get to the ground. There were a few coaches about but James was the first player. One of the coaches came over and said he was pleased to see how keen James was.

I left James there and drove home and prepared my dinner. I was due to pick James up at 9pm so left in plenty of time to get there. There were a few parents about and I said hi and chatted to a couple of them.

Fitness Blog

A very red faced James finally appeared just after nine and we got in the car. He was very hyper as the coaches had complimented him on his fitness and how athletic he looked. He thought he was one of the fittest players there and there was even a couple of lads who were the sons on the coaches and he was much fitter than them.

So we got home and I made James a grown up dinner which he wolfed down in no time. He was tired and went off to bed about 11pm and I wasn’t that long after him.

On Wednesday we decided to go out for the day as it was the last day before he returned to school. We went to London and wandered around the British Museum. James was open mouthed looking at the Egyptian displays and really enjoyed the museum as a whole.

We then took the short walk to Oxford Street and walked the length of it, walking back on the other side. We stopped and had some food and then walked back to Charing Cross for the rather crowded journey home.

It really was a great way for James to finish his school holidays and he told me, on numerous occasions, what an enjoyable day it was.

But reality was about to kick in with a return to school and back to earlier nights and earlier starts in the morning.

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