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Blog | Chips and Fresh Air

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So the boy has returned looking very healthy and happy with the world. He came in, dumped his bag, and went for a bath. After his bath he emptied his bag and chucked it all in the washing machine. We sat in the garden while he told me what he had done while he was away and how great it all was.

I asked if he had remembered to thank Paige’s parents for their hospitality and he rolled his eyes and said ‘obviously’. He said that the only downside was that his bedroom was tiny and was very hot.

James (name changed) said that he hadn’t slept well for the whole time and that he had been looking forward to getting back to his room and his own bed.

So we had a football free weekend, a rare event. He had no match and there was no decent football on the TV.  On Saturday we did the weekly shop and then went to the garden centre. James had some money left over from the week away and wanted to buy some more fish.

We decided to have brunch while we were there and had a lovely full English. We had a wander round and I bought a couple of plants for the garden and James then chose a couple of fish for the aquarium. We drove home and James introduced the fish to the tank and I went out to do my Alan Titchmarsh impression in the garden.

We then sat out in the garden for the rest of the afternoon. James fell asleep on the sun lounger and I had a short doze as well. In the evening we had some salad and we found a series to binge watch on Netflix. James went to bed at 10 and I watched a bit more TV until midnight and then I hit the hay as well.

Sunday we decided to drive to the coast and chose Deal, a lovely coastal town with some shops and a pier. We had a mooch around and walked along the front for a couple of hours taking in some fresh air.

We found a nice chippy and sat with our food on a bench on the pier. After that we had a slow drive along the coast and got home at teatime. It was too hot for a roast so I cooked some sausages and mash and then James went to sort out his school stuff for the week. We then found some more Netflix to watch and James went off to bed at 10.

Monday morning was a bit of a struggle for both of us but we got up in time. I had a couple of errands to run so I took James to school in the car, which I think he appreciated.

I then got home and sat in the garden as the washing was done and hanging up and I needed a coffee. James’ social worker called to ask if he’d had a good time.

There was no update on Mum as she was still not answering calls or texts. So, hopefully, a nice quiet week beckons.

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