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Back to normality can be a very difficult target for some people and it certainly was for James (name changed). Having spent so many days in the company of Paige he admitted that he was feeling sad not being able to spend more time with her.

I felt for him and said that we’d all had that experience in our lives. So I asked him if he wanted to ask Paige around for dinner one night and, of course he said yes. So we decided on Friday evening and he went off to ask her via Facetime. She, of course, said yes so we pencilled it in.

James had also been invited to his old football team’s presentation night but James seemed unsure whether to go, as he’d stopped playing for them. However I reminded him that some of his friends would be there so we accepted the invitation. So our social calendar was filling up quickly.

Had another online training session yesterday, through my agency, and very good it was too. This one was concerning young people who decided to confide in you things that had happened in the past, how to react and how to pass that information through to the other professionals.

I was aware that there were some more details to come from James bit I now felt more confident in knowing what to do when that time came, if it did. In the past I’d heard all sorts of stories from young people in placement.

Some of the stories were sad and some were just criminal. I don’t think some people, not involved in fostering, would believe some of the things that adults can do to children both physically and mentally. I don’t feel that anything can shock me now.

A disappointing factor in a couple of these cases was the unwillingness of Local Authorities to prosecute adults that had been the perpetrators of some of these acts.

I’ve seen ‘parents’ who had abused their children in a most ghastly way get no punishment for their deeds and find that hugely frustrating. Even worse is when you have to attend meeting with these parents and have to listen to their moans and gripes. I have always bitten my tongue but inside I’ve wanted to say so much.

With the football playing season now finished for James it was time to find new ways to keep him occupied at the weekends. The obvious idea was Paige and his school and football mates. When he came home from school he, funnily enough, mentioned the same thing.

He liked the idea of spending more time with Paige and his mates but a lot depended on whether Boris stuck with opening up on the 21st of June. It would also be nice to have some time away somewhere, even abroad. I have a friend who lives in Spain and she had always said that we would be very welcome to go and stay with her for a week.

Spoke to the Social Worker today, still no news from James’ mum. I think she is quite concerned.

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