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Blog – New Foster Care Placement

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Blog – New Foster Care Placement

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There I was enjoying some rest and relaxation when I received a call from the agency. Would I take a 10 year old boy for 2 night’s respite? I do have a small third bedroom so it was practical. The agency had spoken to James’ (name changed) local authority and they had no problem me taking a short term placement while James was away.

So I agreed. The lad would be arriving that afternoon with a Social Worker from the London Local Authority. I quickly made a bed up and locked all of James’ stuff in his room which I also locked. So Shaun (name changed) arrived at about 2pm.

He was a small lad, very nervous and looked like he had been crying. Before sitting down with his Social Worker I showed him his room and we put his clothes in there. I made him a sandwich and a cup of tea and he sat watching the TV while I chatted to his Social Worker.

His Mum had been taken ill and no family member could take him until Friday so it had been agreed for him to come into Care until the family member could collect him. So everything was agreed and in place and the Social Worker left. Shaun was engrossed in the TV so I let him settle in and didn’t disturb him.

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He has eaten his sandwich and drunk his tea so I asked him he was still hungry and he said no but he was tired. I suggested he went off for a nap and off he went. I actually went to wake him up about 5pm or he wouldn’t sleep that night. I asked him what food he liked as a treat and he said McDonalds so I ordered a delivery and he happily sat and ate his meal.

After that I showed him where the bathroom was and suggested he had a shower which he happily had. He put his pyjamas and dressing gown on and sat on the settee next to me.

We talked about the programmes he liked and I found a couple of his favourite shows for him to enjoy. He went off to bed about 9pm and he seemed happy enough.

The next day I got up early and was eating breakfast when Shaun came in looking a bit dishevelled. He said he had slept well and he was hungry so I made him some cereal and a cuppa. I said that we would go out for a trip and he seemed happy about that.

We drove down to the coast and he had some money to spend on the amusements. We went for a paddle and walked along the beach. We then got some chips and sat on a bench enjoying them. He was chatting all the time telling me about family, friends, school and life in general. Mum seemed to be a really good Mother but her health wasn’t great hence the reason he was with me.

We drove home after a busy day and got in about 4. Shaun’s Social Worker called to see how he had settled and Shaun told her about our day and seemed very excited about what we had done. I told him we would do something the next day too.

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