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In the words of Alice Cooper, schools out! No more early mornings, washing uniforms, homework, packed lunches and taxis to and from school. In fact I seem to be nearly as excited as James (name changed) that the school year has finished.

Lots of plans for the holidays though so it’s not all peace and tranquillity. James is going away for a week with Paige and her parents so I have to organise that for him. We did a quick check of his summer luggage and clothes. His luggage is fine but he has grown out of a lot of his summer holiday clothes so a shopping trip is required and we need to sort some currency for him. So Saturday we set off for Sports Direct for a spend up. James got loads for his money.

Tee shirts, shorts, and a couple of new pairs of trainers. We then went to Primark (the Foster Carers Friend) to get some other bits, beach towels and sundries. Then off to Boots for toiletries and sun cream. Finally to the bank for some currency which was easily done. When we got home, finally, we packed all the sundries and toiletries and James had a trying on session.

Everything fitted him fine and we put it straight into the case. We then sorted his hand luggage, phone, chargers and a book to read. Also in there was his money some change from previous trips and his passport. So he was ready to go. I took him, on Saturday, to Paige’s, as they were leaving early Sunday morning.

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After I dropped him and had a chat with Paige’s parents I left for home and a quiet empty house. It seemed strange not having a large teenager in the house but I knew he would have a great time and he promised to keep in touch. 

Sunday was a quiet day. I woke to a text that James had sent at 4am saying that they were in the taxi on the way to the airport. I sat in the kitchen and drunk my coffee trying to decide how to spend my day. I went to my eldest son’s house for a couple of hours and stopped for supplies at the supermarket on the way home.

I watched the Grand Prix and had some dinner before finding some rubbish on Netflix to binge watch. I got a text from James saying all was good and they had arrived late, but safe, due to their flight being delayed. He sent a couple of pictures of the hotel and it looked very nice.

Monday, I woke up early even though I hadn’t set the alarm. I tried to go back to sleep but failed miserably. I got up, had coffee and breakfast and did some chores and paid some bills. I took the car to be valeted and then it rained and the car was covered in dust again.

James sent me some pictures on Whatsapp and looked like he was having fun. Apparently the temperature was 35 degrees and he was slapping the sun cream on and wearing a hat as both Paige and her Mum had nagged him.

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