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This young man will be the death of me! He came home from school and did his homework and we then sat and watched the England game. After that we went over the park for a gentle run as I have volunteered for the Cancer Research 31 mile jog in July. 

James (name changed) was really excited at me doing it and wanted to encourage me at every opportunity. After our gentle run we got home and then watched the second game of the day at 8pm. I had a shower and put some food on after kicking the freezer.

We had chips, wedges, sausages and some spring rolls. After the second game James had his shower and went to bed and sat there with a cuppa enjoying the peace and nursing my sore calves.

Next Day Blog.

After James went to school the following day I had a call from another prospective male carer who wanted to chat about the possibility of becoming a Foster Carer. We had a long chat, for about an hour, and at the end he seemed very enthusiastic.

He story was that he had been made redundant during Covid19 and had had a long think about what he wanted to. He ended up with a choice between Domiciliary Care and Foster Care and had decided to try Foster care. I can see more people trying alternative employment, like Fostering, after we are back to normal without restrictions.

After a day of pottering around I was all set to go to the gym when James got home. He had some homework to do and then we set off. The gym was empty with only 2 other users there. James was trying a bit too hard and trying to lift weights that were obviously too big for him. So I explained that he needed to try lighter weights and make sure he lifted them properly.

We stayed a bit longer than the allotted 50 minutes and then headed home for dinner and showers. James had enjoyed his session and asked if we could go every day. I got out of that one by saying that your body needed to rest and that he should stick to the 3 days a week we had originally planned. I had quite a bit of paperwork to do whilst James watched TV after dinner. We had received documents from his football team that we had to sign and we had to provide a photograph, so I took one on my phone and edited it and sent it, via email, to the club. There were dates when training would start and a request for money to cover his subs. The team had a new sponsor for the new season so his training wear had to be changed, which meant more cost. So that was all done and I wrote the training dates on the white board in the kitchen.

I then went ahead and booked a few days on the Isle of Wight. I booked the ferry and told James that it was all organised. He was very excited and, to be honest, so was I.

Fosterman Blog.

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