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A Late One Blog

So we spent some time at the weekend at the gym. I am writing this on Tuesday and still feel achy and stiff. James (name changed) sailed through it, of course, and he feels fine and wants to go again soon.

I had the online meeting with his form teacher and all was good. The school are pleased with his progression and he is generally well behaved in class. His homework is always done and he is respectful to staff and other pupils.

Couldn’t really ask for any more than that. I passed the comments through to his social worker so she can see how hard James is working when he has encouragement and support behind him.

When he got home I told him what was said and how pleased he was. I said I would treat him to something as a ‘well done’ reward. He asked if he could get the new England but at £70 I told him to dream on. Anyway on Saturday we went shopping and walked around the shopping centre and, yes, he got the new England shirt as a reward.

I told him he was a spoilt brat and laughed. But he had worked hard and was a good lad so he did deserve it. We treated ourselves to lunch and got home in time for the football.

Washing up Blog.

One of the things I like about James is the way he gets on with things without being asked. Washing up, or loading the dishwasher, is something he just decides to do without prompting. I’ve even taught him how to use the washing machine and he is happy to organise himself with that.

We watched Saturday’s games and then put a film on afterwards. It was quite late when James took himself off to bed and I wasn’t long after. Sunday was a late start. I booked us both in, as well as Paige, into the local Toby Carvery for lunch. Felt like I had eaten for 4 and my stomach looked like I had.

Paige spent the afternoon at home with us and I gave them space by sitting in the garden and putting my feet up. The football started at 5 so we put that on. Paige’s dad collected her about 7 and we sat down to watch the second game with some snacks. James went to bed about 10 and I did some online stuff, bills etc. and then went to bed myself.

While James was at school I took myself off to the gym and worked hard for an hour or so. Then it was a haircut and a coffee whilst watching the world go by.

I had a call from James’ social worker to say thanks for forwarding the comments from James’ teacher and also to say well done for the work I was doing with James.

I appreciated that as it is not a common event to get than for the work you do in fostering. James got in at his normal time and we had dinner and then watched the football, obviously.

It was a bit of a late one as both games went to extra time and I could really tell James to go to bed before the game finished.

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